Readers, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I am currently using my Mint App and a check register as my primary budgeting tools.  My bank has a budgeting app built on the site, but it’s not as comprehensive as I would like for it to be. I like using tools that are practical and easy to use. I like Mint because it alerts me when I am getting close to the spending amount that I have allotted for myself for the month in each category. I set budget amounts for bills, activities, clothing, dry cleaning, spending money, and the supermarket amongst other things. I manage to stay within my budget for every category except for the supermarket!

Currently, I set a budget for about $400.00 a month for groceries. I still manage to go over occasionally. Sometimes, I shop for two adults. Under those circumstances, I adjust the budget to $450.00. I have not adopted the coupon culture, but I’m going to try at some point. It just seems that I only find coupons for items that I don’t eat, and it seems like such a grueling process. I do pack my lunch which is great. However, I occasionally waste food which is not good and it bothers me to this day. When I was 18 years old, I moved out of my parent’s house and money was so tight that I used to roll pennies to buy food. I frequently used the change machine to convert change into dollars. I loved the invention of the cash machine because I didn’t have to roll coins any longer.

As of today, September 22, 2017, I have $81.00 left for this month to use for groceries. For the month of October, I’m going to try the below strategies in an attempt to decrease my grocery bill. Wish me luck!

Buy frozen vegetables

I love fresh vegetables! However, I get so wrapped up in work and other activities that I forget to cook them sometimes and they go bad. Although I realize that fresh and in season fruits and vegetables are the best way to go, I’m going with frozen vegetables for a while. They last longer and I won’t feel pressured to cook daily. Thus, it will reduce waste.

Separate toiletries, paper goods etc. from food

These items are included in your grocery budget when you buy them from a grocery store. I am a member of Sam’s Club and I’m considering purchasing these items in bulk to prevent buying them weekly. Mint doesn’t separate food from toiletries! I would have to make Sam’s a separate category and a quarterly expense, perhaps.

Freeze leftover food

I have never tried this. I usually throw leftover food away after four days.  There are other creative things I can do with leftover food. Perhaps, I can freeze the meats and prepare different vegetables. I can make a healthy chicken salad out of leftover baked chicken. I can make wraps out of leftover anything!

Eat before shopping

I will not go to the supermarket hungry! This will make you buy food that you would not have purchased otherwise. Especially grocery stores that have hot food bars! Eat first and have leftovers prepared!

Only buy items on sale

Certain items have to be name brand but not everything! I have no problem with switching to store brand foods and products. Oftentimes, the store brand products taste the same or better. It will also help me to save more money!


As a fellow blogger, Emily Rupe Carson says, “There are ways to cut costs so that your weekly shopping trip doesn’t send you to the poorhouse. Furthermore, being selective about where you shop will cut down on the costs.” Find more of Ms. Carson’s tips on her blog,

Reader, can you offer our community any grocery shopping tips? Where would you invest the money you’ve saved?





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  1. I have to go to two stores. I go to the “cheaper” one for the majority of my items. The other one for better fresh fruits and veggies. However, every once in awhile, I have noticed that a sale at the better store will be cheaper than the regularly cheap store. Watch the same fliers and compare. I do clip coupons but don’t always get what has a coupon because sometimes you are required to buy 2 or more, and that is not always practical.
    Grocery shopping on a very limited budget is grueling and time consuming! As Moe says, eat before you go! It could be hours….

    1. Lololol Donna ! Yes eat first! What 2 stores do you go to? I use giant for gas points but gas is going up so I’m not sure it matters 🤷🏽‍♀️… I feel the same about coupons, doesn’t seem like I’m saving..thanks for reading!

  2. Want to add: Make a Menu. I have been faithfully making a menu for over a year, and it really helped cut the grocery bill. We were no longer running to the store every other day, for one or two things that we needed to make dinner that night.

    I see someone else said to use coupons. I do this, but only if it is something that we actually use. I have enough shampoo and conditioner, that I go for free, to last 2 years or more. And I have over 60 boxes of cereal, that are name brand that I paid $1.30 – $.60/ea for. A family of 6, we go through a box of cereal most days. I used coupons and sales, to get those. Look for a coupon/sale matching blog for your favorite store(s).

    1. You are awesome. Thank you for reading it and providing valuable feedback. That’s one area where I’m lacking , making a menu. Having no menu causes me to eat the same things over and over . I made a meal that lasted for 3 days using fit men cooks recipe. It was different and it was good. I’m going to use that to make menus from this point on. Also, thanks for the coupon tips. I had just about given up! I will check out the resources you provided!

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