Happy Valentine’s Day loves! Allow me to take you back in time for this one. Do you remember LL’Cool J’s famous 1985 hit titled “I Can’t Live Without My Radio?” Today, the radio has been replaced with social media. Many of us simply can’t function without it, or at least we think we can’t. I get that some of you need it for your business and advertisements, some need it for entertainment, and some people just like to reveal intricate details of their lives and the lives of their family members. I don’t care what you use it for but you deserve a break from time to time and so do others who have to witness some of the things on your timeline.

I’m aware that everyone and their mother has written on the topic, but indulge me for less than five minutes.  The dopamine hit when you see that red notification number is real. Especially after you’ve posted your latest photo displaying how great you are, and you are great! I get it. It’s your birthday today and approximately one million other people across the country will be celebrating their birthday today too.  I still have yet to meet the one person who doesn’t share a birthday with someone else on earth. Anyway, consider these five habits to cultivate while you are taking a break from social media.

5. Do something that you have always wanted to do but never had the time to do, so you say. I bet if you trade some of your social media time in you could start that business, write that book, make some extra money, learn how to swim, write a rap song, paint,  whatever, you get the picture. Try something new! I always wanted to dance in music videos but it never came to fruition.

  1. Start a blog, that’s what I did. When no one is showing interest in what you post every six minutes of your amazing day, turn it into a blog and ramble about your life. That’s exactly what I do and you’re reading it now so you must obviously be bored!


  1. Go to Ida B’s Table for brunch with your sibling. I went this weekend and it was amazing! The food was great, customer service was excellent, the atmosphere was dope, and it’s a black-owned business. Score! I also had the opportunity to catch up with bro. By the way, I had the spinach scramble, if you care to know.


  1. Practice Yoga. Yoga challenges my mind and my body. All I can think about is, “how did my body end up in this weird position?”  I wasn’t aware that I could do that. I also wish that “Savasana” can take place for the entire 60 minutes. That’s my favorite pose so far.


  1. Reflect. Think about what you can contribute to society while you are away from social media. Can I help you with something? How can I grace you with my presence today? What do you need from me?

Readers, what do you do to pass time while breaking from social media? I like to exercise, read, and write amongst other things. What say you? Drop it in the comments! Love Moe.

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  1. Great post! Social media can be a real time suck, and really for what? It doesn’t really accomplish anything – other than maybe a quick form of communication! But I still prefer a phone call. I love your list of things that we could be doing instead of staring at little screens, although I had to chuckle at the start a blog suggestion – I think starting my blog tripled or maybe even quadrupled my social media time (I wasn’t really into social media until I needed it to promote my blog.)

  2. My relationship with social media is a love-hate thing. I love being able to pull anything up at the touch of my hand but it also is a major time-suck if you let yourself get distracted. I try for a happy medium

  3. This is great. Sometimes I don’t realize how much time social media is taking up in my life and I can catch myself flipping from Facebook, Instagram to Twitter and then back again and I’ve realized I do need a break. Starting a blog is a great way to take a break – I love writing – however after you write the post you realize you need to promote it on social media haha! Yoga is also a great idea, it’s relaxing and helps clear your mind.

  4. I don’t consider social media to be a hobby. It can be quite draining and annoying at times. Yoga is a savior for me. I think it is one the best ways to spend your time. I find writing to be such a great hobby as well. Social media is good and bad. They key is to find a balance. I spend most of my time on it promoting my blog which has become one of my best hobbies 🙂 A great article as always.

  5. Great post! I’ve started minimising time spent on social media and It has helped to do other things like reading, studying my bible & praying, working on my blog posts etc. I love the tips… I also started a blog and started going to beauty workshops once a month. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have been adjusting my blogging schedule, lowering the amount of time I will be spending on social media and taking more time for other loves in my life. Getting back to healthier living, yoga, exercise, crafts, writing, and reading along with booking several trips with my spouse.

  7. I love the tips. I think this is an important subject that needs to be discussed more. We all spend way too much time on social media neglecting other activities for self improvement. Thanks for sharing.


  8. It sounds as though we’re all suffering from the same problem, social media overload! I know I reach for my phone first thing in the morning and feel lost if it’s not within arms reach. Time for a detox I think. Thanks for the tips!

    1. No you’re right. We need the social media to promote the blogs🤷🏽‍♀️. Sometimes I just think I need to set a timer for that. Thank you for your feedback!

  9. What a fun thought provoking post! I love that you went from 5 to 1 instead of 1 to 5! Loving the idea of doing something you’ve never done before. My son is trying to get me in boxing gloves and going to his gym… not sure how I feel about that one! But it would be a first!

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