September ended on a positive note! This post will reflect how I did in several “life” categories during this month. Taking note of what I did and reflecting on everything allows me to set new goals for the month of October. As always, I surround myself with smart, goal oriented, career driven people. Additionally, I will continue to educate myself about food and finances and I will update you, the readers, about what I’ve learned.

Food and Fitness

During the month of September, I ran 54.1 miles and completed 10 hours of strength training. I participated in two dance classes and 2 yoga classes. For the month of October, I will increase strength training. I maintained my weight, no ups or downs there.

I tried a new recipe and it was a hit with my significant other which is no easy task! I found the recipe on Instagram on Fit Men Cook’s page and it was delicious and easy! It was a recipe for baked, stuffed chicken breast.

I ate baked swai fish for the first time and I loved it! For a cheat meal, I had a grilled catfish wrap and it was so delicious!  My inner fitness circle said that this did not qualify as a real cheat meal.


I worked my regular 9-5 job and three days on my part-time job. I paid an extra $100.00 towards my car note. I added $300.00 to my savings accounts. In addition, I paid $100.00 into my deferred compensation plan. I spent too much money at the supermarket. A plan is in place to decrease the grocery bill for the month of October. I received a $407.00 credit from Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE ), which means no bill for the month of October and November, thanks to budget billing! Winning! The extra money will be applied to another bill.

New Friends

I met the new employee, Jackie, who is also a fitness enthusiast!  We have a lot in common with regards to health and wellness. I joined a few blogging groups on Facebook and I learned so much about creative writing, engaging content, and building a community. I was a guest blogger on a fellow blogger’s post and another blogger was a guest blogger on two of my posts. I was also nominated for the mystery blogger award! That post is forthcoming, stay tuned!


I discovered several new, interesting podcasts that I would encourage you to listen to. I may reference them in future blog posts. Below is my hit list for the month of September and a brief description of the content:

Journey to Launch- Finances, saving, investing

Wonderfully Made- Health, wellness, motivation

Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington- Building wealth and wisdom, encouragement, motivation

The Smart Passive Income – Earning income from small businesses

How Does She Do It? – Finances, health, wellness, motivation, education

ProBlogger Podcast- Starting a blog, monetizing your business, engaging content


New Mantra

In conclusion, I’ve learned to appreciate what I have and not dwell on what I want. Readers, how did everything go this month? Are you ready to hit the reset button? What are your October goals?









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  1. Great way to keep track of your monthly progress and see as you work toward goals. I write goals weekly, monthly etc… but haven’t done a full month wrap up. Definitely a way to count the positives that happen in your life. 🙂

  2. Wow, what a productive and interesting month you had. Sharing your thoughts, finances and accomplishments here seem to be very inspiring…thank you. Wishing you all the best! (

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