About 5 years ago, my friend Joe came to me for help with his diet and to create an exercise plan because he wanted to pass a physical agility test. I told Joe, that I was not certified to help him and that he should seek assistance from a nutritionist and a personal trainer. He told me that he heard that I had lost a significant amount of weight and that I exercise often and he was confident that I could help him. I told him what worked for me and I agreed to meet with him twice a week to start walking if he would agree with the nutrition suggestions.

Joe was about 30 pounds overweight and he had previously failed the agility test. He enjoyed treating himself to all of his favorite foods whenever he felt the need. He was also 40 years old which presented another challenge. Joe was really determined to make a lifestyle change whether he passed the agility test or not.

We Have to Get to the Start Line!

I gathered Joe’s personal data such as his height, weight, age, and goal weight. Then, I gave him some general advice on what’s healthy and what’s not. I used an app to determine how many calories he should consume for a man of his stature and I provided some healthy meal suggestions and swaps for his favorite foods. I also suggested that he drink half his body weight in ounces of water each day.

Joe and I started walking twice a week. When I thought he was comfortable, we started doing intervals, which is walking for a few minutes and running for a few minutes. We had a set back because he ended up getting shin splints! I did an assessment and discovered that he was not wearing the appropriate running shoes. I let him rest for a few days and I told him to continue to eat healthy and I sent him to Charm City Run for new shoes.

Back In Action

Once Joe fully recovered, we started exercising again. He definitely maintained his diet because he had lost a few pounds without exercising! We began doing intervals around the track and the neighborhood lake. Occasionally, I would enlist help from my fit friends to help keep him motivated. Later, I incorporated resistance bands for light strength training. I suggested that Joe exercise at the gym using assisted weight machines, and he did.

Three Month Mark

At the end of the three-month mark, Joe had lost 25 pounds! He stuck to the plan and he succeeded. Joe also passed the agility test!  His confidence, consistency, and tenacity kept him on track. I gave him a plan, and it was up to him to follow it! I continued to coach people on their weight loss journey from that point on.

Do You Need a Nutrition Coach?

In 2015, I received my Sports Nutrition certification from AAAI/ISMA. Click here to check out their website! If you are a person who has a hard time sticking to a plan, get help!  The New Year is quickly approaching and time waits for no one!  It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and you can do it. Answer the following questions to determine if you need nutrition coaching and advice:

Do you have a hard time sticking to a nutrition plan?

Do you lack the motivation to improve your health?

Do you want to live longer?

Do you want to lose weight and have long-term success?

Are you tired of fad diets and quick fixes?

If you have answered yes to these question, click here to inbox me!  Readers, do you have a success story that you would like to share?





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  1. Great read! and kudos to both of you for making these positive changes (Joe for Improving his lifestyle and you for becoming a nutrition coach)

  2. This is a nice story, I’ve definitely been on my own weight loss journey and have learned a lot about nutrition along the way. This story shows that you don’t need to be a certified expert to do good in the world, great job.

  3. I would love to have a nutrition coach. Currently because of health problems I am on a severely restricted diet and I know I am not getting anywhere near the calories and nutrients I need.

  4. I’ve never had (nor desired) a nutrition coach, but my grandmother had one (she had diabetes). It helped a lot when she had one, but what an amazing story that Joe has.

  5. I enjoyed reading this. I think it’s great to have a nutrition coach for support and accountability. Kudos to you and your friend on your goals and working together.

  6. Hello…Iam myself a Nutritionist & health coach . I believe that healthy & clean eating with lifestyle change is a sure success !!
    This article is really motivational for people in their weight loss journey.

  7. I’m glad that Joe stuck to it. You sound like a great coach to work with. I’m currently working on a lifestyle change and it’s been up & down.

  8. I have a friend currently using a nutrition coach to help her. I am eagerly watching her success or failure before jumping in full speed! (at least that’s my excuse right now! haha)

  9. I seriously think I could do well with one! In fact, if I could live with one, that would be even better. If they could also prepare all my meals and ensure that I eat nothing else, I would be so happy! I’ll just dream on!

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