Welcome back!  As you may know, I have recently joined the Choose FI (Financial Independence) community.  The focus of the group is to work on reaching financial independence by making lifestyle adjustments such as reducing spending in certain categories,  increasing retirement contributions, making smart investments, paying off debt, and making smart choices with money. Today’s post is a collaboration between myself and a few other bloggers from the community. Click here to read the full story! Feel free to join the Choose FI community by clicking here!  There, you will also find local groups in your city.  Also, listen to the Choose FI podcast. Trust me, you will learn something!

Readers, let us know what you are doing to make your financial life better in 2018!


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  1. I am loving that you cover paying of debts. As a law student, I need this information the most. However, with debts as big as those that you get during law school, how can you pay those off and manage to live, buy a house, etc. on a single person income. It does not seem likely so far (I’ve tried). Do you cover normal credit card debts or bigger debts in your podcast/post?

    1. I talk about my student loan debt in some posts which is equivalent to a small house payment. I’m paying under the public safety student loans forgiveness act right now and it’s manageable. The key to using credit cards as a tool is to pay them off each time you receive a bill. Don’t carry a balance. Use them wisely. Don’t take out more than what you need in student loans. The less debt the better. You have no plans of changing your major right ?

  2. I haven’t dabbled into podcasts, but this one seems like it’ll be right up my alley. Thanks for sharing. I will look to see if they have a local group in my city.

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