It’s Sunday, February 4, 2018, at 5:03 pm and I’m meal prepping as I think about how I want to show up for you today. This year started off on a good note! I would say that there were more ups than downs. I did some networking and made some new friends that we will discuss later. I downloaded some new music and I downloaded Audible finally. Now, I can listen to my books while I’m at the gym if I choose. My tribe is still in place and they have reset their goals as well and have shared them with the group. I love having a group of ladies who I can bounce ideas off of before jumping in head-first. The connection is real and many ideas have sprung from those valuable relationships and conversations. Today, we will discuss how I did in several life categories in January. I would love to hear how your month went as well!

Goals Accomplished!

All goals mentioned in the Year in Review blog post were accomplished with the exception of doing at home facials. It may sound trivial in comparison to the other goals I’ve accomplished this month, but it is important for a person, like myself who has problematic skin from time to time. Don’t get lazy with your skincare routine! In fact, I’m trying a new night cream tonight by Oil of Olay.

An additional goal that wasn’t previously mentioned was meeting with a financial planner. I did some research and decided that I want a thorough review of all of my accounts including my retirement accounts, debt or liabilities, assistance with estate planning for myself and my parents, review of my income taxes, and just some direction on what I need to improve on. It was a very productive meeting and I am patiently waiting for the analysis.

I had the opportunity to meet with the Baltimore Choose FI group and it was amazing! Brainstorming and ideas were flying all over the place during lunch. Nothing is like kicking it with a group of like-minded people who have expertise in a multitude of areas concerning finances and life in general. We also discussed our past financial mistakes and what we are doing to move forward. We decided to meet every other month. If you are in Baltimore, join us at Choose FI Baltimore on Facebook where robust discussions take place!

Financial Accountability

I did meet my specific savings goal that I had set for myself, which is a win. I know people have different percentages for what they believe they are supposed to save each month, but I say pay yourself first and save what you can each month. I don’t want people feeling disappointed just because you didn’t reach the standard amount set. Personal finance is personal and life happens. My retirement accounts are currently under review with the financial planner which was also a goal.


I gained 3 pounds! Don’t get excited. I increased my strength training routine and decreased cardio. With that being said, I increased my protein intake, so I expect fluctuations. And, its muscle, not fat. My tribe and I have been talking about our weight gains and losses as if we were UFC fighters who needed  to reach a specific weight to compete. The bottom line is that we all have specific goals. Some of us needed to lose a few pounds and some of us needed to gain a few pounds of muscle for certain competitions or activities. It’s all about personal preference.

I was introduced to RxBars which have the natural ingredients stated on the front of the package. Also, they tastes great! It’s not easy to find a protein bar that has limited ingredients that actually tastes good.


One thing that I’m learning to be more conscious of is not “telling the story.” I seem to have developed a habit of telling my story when someone has told me their story. I do it because I want them to know that they are not alone in the struggle, or I think they are asking for advice, or just to compare stories. It’s not necessary. I need to just listen. If they ask me if I have experienced anything similar, I’ll take that opportunity to walk in. Otherwise, I just need to be a better listener which will ultimately make me a better communicator. Ever heard of the 80/20 rule regarding communication?

On a Personal Note

Recently, I listened to the Gettin’ Grown podcast episode about timelines. They brought up an intriguing article about women of color and their timelines. Click here to read the full article. I read it and I sent it to my friends. It resonated with me because I too have been in a funk about thinking that I was behind in life. The bottom line is success happens at different times in people’s lives and everything does not go according to plan. Other people’s expectations of us are sometimes unrealistic. Define success for yourself. You are not a failure and don’t let anyone tell you that you are.

February Goals

Below is a list of goals that I would like to accomplish in February:

  • Save $300 in any of my savings accounts.
  • Have a second meeting with my financial planner.
  • Continue blogging and collaborating with blogging groups.
  • Continue brainstorming with financial groups.
  • Read anything that I get my hands on.

Readers, how did January go? What are some goals that you would like to bring to fruition in February?

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  1. I love the steps you are taking to get your life in order! I wish I had the time to work on it as much as I need to! Thank you for sharing. I cannot wait to see how your next appointment with your financial planner goes and awesome job on your fitness journey!

  2. January wasn’t bad at all…I took a solo trip, remained consistent with my blog and also met with some amazing people to determine how I can improve. I really just want to keep growing mentally, physically and professionally this month! I also want to save.. that’s a plus.
    I really enjoyed this and kudos to you for achieving your goals! I also think that I need to be a better listener as well.

  3. Interesting goal not to share your stories when others tell you theirs. I’m like you…or the old you, I share my story as a way to relate. I do recognize that it’s imporant to discern when you should share vs. just listen.

  4. I am guilty of telling my story when someone tells me their story as a way of empathising. After reading your article, I am now thinking it’s not such a good idea… I should listen more

  5. Good Luck with February’s goals! I myself love to set goals and love even more when I get them accomplished! Maybe I should start doing monthly goals instead of yearly goals!

  6. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do a whole with my blog for the month of January as i was busy with projects. However, those projects turned into blogs which started my month of February off. So all in all I’m good so far. Good job on your setting your goals and sticking with them.

  7. I love that you share this and you sound so together. Maybe I need to spend more time thinking about what I want to achieve too. Fitness is a big one for me and I have a dedicated instagram account which I find helps with encouragement and motivation.
    I’d be interested to hear more about your blogging groups – i’ll look back on some of your earlier posts for more info.

  8. I enjoyed reading this post Anissa, it is excellent to hear that you were able set achieve many of the goals you had set out. Wish I lived closer by to join you in person!

  9. These are such helpful tips for when closing up a month and beginning a new one. I just recently started using a goal tracker, I only hope I’ll be disciplined enough to follow through with it. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I suppose we can apply 80/20 principle in every aspects of our life. Time just seems to fly by these days (especially when you’re trying to catch up with 16 years of life). February is almost half-gone already. For me, just keep moving ahead. Figure things out one day at a time.

  11. This is so inspiring. I love reading articles like this where one can able to meet their goals successfully. Congratulations on that and wishing you good luck with your February’s goals

  12. Wow! I’m so inspired by your goals and ability to achieve them!! I struggle with setting goals. Mostly because I never set aside time to really think about them and write them down. I’m just go, go, go. But I know I’d probably have more time in the end if I set goals. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Slay those goals girl . I too managed to save some money . Praise the Lord and I managed to start back my yoga practice and work mediation back in as well . I wrote my yearly goals tentatively but I think I am going to do as you did and do a month to month list . I look forward to reading more posts about you achieving what you set out to do : )

  14. January is literally the worst month for me and I have been looking forward to February for what feels like ages. I am always so broke in January but, I have been regularly saving for my trip to England in May so there’s that!

    Great post! x


  15. Congratulations those are great accomplishments and you should be very proud of yourself. I too need to learn not to tell my story, I am notorious for doing that too. I could absolutely be a better listener too, so see your not alone in your journey, I think we all do it.

  16. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading about your journey and how you set about achieving your goals. I’m sure you’ll achieve even more.

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