March madness is over! I’m sitting in my room watching YouTube natural hair videos while I reflect on how last month went. I am so happy that spring has finally sprung, well not really, it’s supposed to snow this Saturday. To me, spring means new music is on the horizon, training for spring and summer races, spring cleaning starts, and more outdoor activities! I don’t know about you, but spring is my version of a New Year. Flowers are blooming, the grass is being cut, and windows are opened, what more can a girl ask for! In today’s post, I’m going to tell you how I did in several life categories. I’d love to hear how you did with your goals also!

Why Am I Watching Natural Hair Videos, Again

I’ve been a naturally curly girl for several years. On March 6, 2018, I had my hair straightened for the first time in almost 8 years. After I washed it, I noticed that the curls were limp. The stylist used a deep conditioner called Nairobi. I’m not sure if that changed the curl pattern or if it was the heat. So, that led me back to the basics, YouTube research!  The stylist suggested that I deep condition my hair every week and my hair should revert. I hope so. With that being said, I’m looking at product reviews.

I usually use Deva Curl shampoo and conditioner. I purchased more because my bottles were on “E”. I also purchased a Deva Curl deep conditioner, gel, and a microfiber towel. I received a ton of free stuff with my purchase! I’m not going to front, my products were expensive. Although I loved the results after my hair was straightened, I will not be doing that again. I will opt for a roller set the next time.

What’s Up with Your Money Goals?

Last month, my goal was to save about $300.00 in one of my savings accounts. I saved about $250.00. Unfortunately, my cat needed shots and she needed some blood tests run. Recently, I noticed a change in the amount of water she had been drinking and some weight loss.  Initially, I thought she was just doing more cardio, however, that wasn’t the case. It turns out that her blood sugar levels were high. The doctor believes that she may be diabetic. Excuse me? She’s a cat. Apparently, if she is diabetic, she will need insulin. I had no idea that a cat could be a diabetic. I’m waiting for her test results. Thank God for an emergency fund because her visit costs about $336.00. How do alley cats survive without all of this medical treatment?

I also set out to pay an extra $100.00 on my car, and I did just that. I’m going to have to start adding more to that payment to accelerate the pay off!  My friend discovered the Budgetnista, so now I am her financial accountability partner which also keeps me on point. Go and get you one of those!

Planning for the Future

I have started the process of collecting my parent’s documents such as wills, insurance paperwork, etc. for future planning. I have also retained a lawyer to begin the process of estate planning. We will meet in April. Sounds morbid, but it has to be done. Leave your family with the tools they need to make plans for you in the event that something happens. Leave your legacy behind, not your debt.


Nothing new in the world of fitness besides more strength training.  I just found out about a new hashtag called #ScrewtheScale. I know the effects of weightlifting but I still get caught up on numbers sometimes. Even though my clothes look better, thanks to weightlifting, numbers mess with my mind. Because I was over 200 pounds, at some point in my life, it doesn’t matter how small I get, I still fear numbers. I am especially careful about what I eat now that I’m studying because that makes me hungry! So I keep healthy snacks at arm’s reach. I also go to the gym late at night on most days. I noticed that trying to study after exercising makes me sleepy. I am thankful for my fitness tribe for posting their workouts and keeping me motivated!

On a Personal Note

Learn to accept compliments. I have a tough time doing this because I don’t see what other people see. People see the potential and the beauty in you that you don’t see. When someone compliments you, just say thank you. Don’t find a reason to doubt what they said. A confident person accepts a compliment instead of rejecting it.

April Fools Goals

  • Estate planning is back on the list!
  • Save at least $200 in my emergency fund account.
  • Help my S/O with planning meals for the week due to his busy work schedule.
  • Add at least 4 additional hours a week to study sessions.
  • Meet with my financial planner to discuss my plan and financial goals.

Well, that’s all folks! This wraps up my 50th post! How did the month of March go for you? Did you slay your goals? What’s on the agenda for April?






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  1. You have done a lot. Your goals that you set for yourself did seem to work for you. It helps to continue to set goals for everything we do. Congratulations on your 50th post. Time sure flies. Continue to keep writing. What you write does make an impact on someone’s life.

  2. Love how organized and accountable you are. I always love reading your tips and getting ideas to better m financial situation. I started contributing to my retirement plan last year and it’s been going great – this was inspired by you!

  3. Your goal posts always inspire me to do better ! I can not believe it is still snowing. Having an emergency fund is such a necessity now trying to build mine back it took a hit at the beginning of the year .. unexpected expenses but isn’t that just life. Things pop up. Estate planning may be morbid but it is very important that when we leave this plane that our loved ones are provided for. I never knew cats could get diabetes. Luckily you had the money to take care of it. March was a bit of a miss for me but there is always a chance to do better this month!

  4. I just started using deva shampoo on my daughter and wow is it great! Your post reminds me of how important it is to set accountability in place for myself and not just my students!

  5. Loved how detailed and accountable you are to your goals and how you’ve come , is a good practice and it helps to stay on track . Am sure you’ll kill goals for April As you come across to me as an organised individual. Proud of you hon 🙂

  6. Wow, these goals you’ve accomplished have inspired me! And poor cat! That must suck. At least you know now though! I love the goals you have upcoming! I can’t wait to see how you rock these out! This is a great way to hold yourself accountable. I may do something similar!! Great post!

  7. Well another great post! It sounds like you have solid goals and strategies in place!
    I have curly hair, need to update my estate plan and am working on an exercise program, so your blog was spot on for me today! I really like your writing style, too! Good read!

  8. I absolutely love how open and honest you are in this post! I know how scary that can be, but your authenticity is incredible! Also, the note about not taking compliments: I’m totally the same way! It always seems like others have more confidence in me than I do, and it’s hard to shake. But it’s definitely something worth practicing!

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