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Adult Acne

Skincare is part of overall health, in my opinion. Throughout my teenage years and well into my early 30’s, I’ve battled with severe acne.  It was so horrific that I had a tough time leaving the house every morning. Makeup would not cover what I was dealing with externally or internally. The worst part about it was that I was well into my career which requires me to be in the public’s view every day. In addition, someone always had something to say. “Wow, what are using on your face?” “You’ve really broken out.” People would make comments as if you didn’t look in the mirror every day. It was mentally taxing. The only thing that kept me motivated was the fact that I had bills to pay and my children had to eat.

Runs in the Family

Unfortunately, acne is hereditary, sometimes. Several of my family members had to battle problematic skin issues at some point in their lives which was discouraging. For some reason, it took longer for mine to go away than it did everyone else in my family. In fact, mine was worse as an adult.

I had gone through great extremes to try to rid my face of acne, but nothing worked.  I tried just about everything based on listening to myths. I became a vegetarian for about 10 years, that didn’t work. I eliminated sugar and fried foods from my diet, that didn’t work. I lost weight but I did not lose the acne. Finally, I had succumbed to the strongest drug on the market, Accutane.


Accutane was brutal. I had to go through two 6 month rounds of it!  It’s difficult to get a prescription because of the side effects. Severally chapped, bleeding lips, sunburn, and severe back and neck pain are just a few side effects that I had  experienced while using the medication. I had to have my blood drawn monthly which was an inconvenience but it was required to continue the medication. It got a lot worse before it got better. After several painful months, it finally cleared up. It was a process. There was a lot of crying, praying,  mental anguish, depression, and hiding going on during that time in my life.

And This To Shall Pass

Skincare didn’t stop there. My dermatologist prescribed birth control pills to keep acne at bay. As an African American female, it’s not necessary to wash my hair daily. However, the doctor said I needed to wash my hair frequently because it gets so oily. I have to frequently wash my pillowcases. I wash my face at least twice a day, using Panoxly or Cetaphil. I moisturize twice a day using Cetaphil with sunscreen, which is also important. I drink lemon water and I ensure that I’m getting half my body weight in ounces again. I slacked off there a little, but I’m tracking my water intake now. I occasionally use Bare Minerals make-up for special occasions. My dermatologist recommended it. I also use the Bare Minerals face mask from time to time. I make sure that my plate is colorful, eating plenty fruits and vegetables.

Reader, this is an emotional topic for me. It was depressing and there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel when I was going through it. If you know someone who suffers from adult acne, please don’t make unnecessary comments. I’m sure they see it and are probably doing everything they can to get rid of it. If you are suffering from it, find something else that motivates you to move forward until you can get it under control. Do you have any skincare tips for our community?

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  1. I am so happy for you that you won with it! Those kind of situations might teach us self acceptance, so we always have to look at the bright side of life !

  2. I’m 22 and still suffer with acne. I’ve never had a day with no spots on my face and I’m beginning to accept that’s the way it will always be. I’m going to have a look into those products, hopefully they help 💗

  3. I am sorry that you had to go through this. That prescription sounds bad enough by itself but to feel like you had to try so hard to keep it at bay even then must have been hard. I’m glad you are bringing light to the issue. I have some friends who have struggled with it and it’s not an easy thing to deal with.

  4. I wish people would keep their comments to themselves but some people are never so sensitive . I am glad that you overcame the struggle with it . I have breakouts occasionally but nothing as severe as what you went through. Thank you for being brave enough to open up about a very personal topic. I drink lemon water all of the time as well but lately my water intake has been less than it should be . I try to reduce the stress and activated charcoal works for me with any flare-ups that I get I do still also have some acne scars but I don’t fret about them like I used to .

    1. I’m interested in that charcoal mask! You have to to do a review on that. Yes , I should have mentioned that stress is a factor also and hormonal changes . People definitely don’t know what to say ! Thank you for your feedback!

  5. So sad you had to go through this but I’m quiet glad you didn’t allow it get the best of you. I have a sister who battles with acne since her teen age and it has been so depressive.

    Thank you for sharing your experience so others can learn from it!

  6. Adult acne is awful, I really feel your pain. I still have bouts with it in my 40’and keep thinking it will have to stop soon…….right? I have found that not wearing makeup daily has helped a lot but I still get the hormonal flair ups, so maybe in my 50’s I might be able to get it under control when that stage of my life stops. LOL

  7. I can definitely relate to skin problems! It’s so frustrating that it’s still a thing, even when you’re not a teenager! My sister has a skincare business and it’s a lifesaver…so many great products, but tough to choose what’s best for you…which is where the pros come in! Getting the occasional facial and consults have been a game changer for me!

    1. Absolutely. I still visit the dermatologist even though I’ve found products that seem to work. It’s good still get second opinions or at least a second set of eyes on it!

  8. This is another amazing post and I can relate the struggle of adult acne as I have been through it . I am so happy you overcame it .

  9. I am fortunate to never have acne, just the occasional blemish. One of our girls tried Accutane, it really did help but it is definitely brutal. Remember, you are beautiful inside and out, Anissa!

  10. Acne runs deeply in my family but my children seem to have lucked out and gotten their father’s clear skin genetics for the most part. That said, my youngest, 18 years old today, doesn’t have the deep, painful type but she does have the red, more wide spread, surface breakouts. She is very self-confident and doesn’t worry too much about what people think but I know she would be thrilled to find solutions. Any thoughts on teenaged acne? Having had serious acne in my teens and twenties, I feel for you. People can be very thoughtless.

    1. My oldest son deals with it but my youngest doesn’t. Crazy how that happens when you have the same parents! My oldest liked proactive when he was a teenager. Now he likes something called X out. Sometimes he uses panoxly. All seem to keep his at bay!

  11. I suffer from acene as well never had it as a teenager then hit adulthood and bam everywhere I heard pro active works well too, me and my girlfriend are going to try the charcoal mask

  12. I suffered from horrible acne as a teen and almost all my adulthood and still occasionally get a few here and there. Can feel your emotional upheaval! I remember not going out or meeting anyone just before I felt I had no cheeks but holes and bumps instead! But the people who love you go skin deep!

  13. Great informative post! Acne runs in my family, and I luckily don’t have it too bad but I do have extremely sensitive skin. Cetaphil wash and moisturizer has done wonders for everyone I know, no matter the severity of their acne!

  14. I had really bad acne in my middle/high school years. I tried proactive for awhile and that helped but I would still have break outs. I hated it. My skin isn’t as bad as an adult, but my skin is so incredibly oily. So I get where you’re coming from in that aspect!

  15. I absolutely hate when people make comments about your appearance as if you’re not already aware. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to never have to suffer through acne, but I have two nieces that either have gone through or are going through it now. It can really get to you emotionally. I’ve heard that accutane is one of those almost last resort medications, but I never really knew why until reading all the symptoms it can bring a person. That is very scary.

    1. Yes and symptoms can be worse for some. Its a tough medication to take. Hopefully your niece finds something that works. Thank you for your feedback!

  16. When I was in college I had really a bad acne and it was really tough, My skin is okay now but the spot is still visible. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  17. hii 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this post, and i hope you realise you are not alone. every now and then i get a flare up and i use aloe vera and also try my best to drink as much water as possible.

  18. Wow that medication sounds painful, I am sorry you had to go through all of that but I am glad you were able to get rid of it in the end.

  19. I wish people could be more sensitive about their comments. I can relate because I have skin tags on my face and neck which are also hereditary and often get asked, ‘What are those things on your face?’ And one Sunday afternoon, while riding the church van, two African women started gossiping about me. I heard my name so I asked, then they said ‘we are talking about those things on your face, there’s medicine in my country that can help remove them’. I didn’t say anything because there were about 10 people in the van. Its also a condition that I’ve seen 3 dermatologists over and I was told the only option I have is lazer surgery but my skin scars badly, so I haven’t gone for. It depressees me when people makes comments. I glad you found a solution to your problem so through a painful process.

  20. Acne has such a huge impact on a person. People who have never had it really can’t understand! I’m lucky that my acne mostly cleared up in my teenage years, and it was never as bad as my brothers (he has scaring and still gets acne today), but I still “break out” now and then. It makes me a bit angry because I feel like I shouldn’t have to deal with “adult” responsibilities and still have to deal with pimples! Thanks for sharing your process. I’m going to send my brother the link. I’m glad you’re finding some kind of resolution in this emotionally devastating situation – keep your head up and keep smiling 🙂

  21. As a teenager, I was lucky enough to have pretty clear skin, but all of that changed in my 20s. I battled constant breakouts, cystic acne and hormonal acne that never went away. And now, in my 30s, I am still dealing with it. Neither one of my parents battled such severe acne and I have been teetering on whether or not I want to start Accutane.

    Thanks for sharing! x


  22. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with the acne. My husband had severe acne when he was young and he also had to use Accutane. He told me that he has NEVER been the same since. He got severe depression when he was on the medication, and his happiness has never been the same. But, it did clear up his acne. That’s a difficult battle.

    1. Right can you believe that depression is a side effect for an acne medication as if the person isn’t depressed enough? I’m glad he got over it! Thank you for sharing.

  23. I really wish others would think before they speak. I had horrible acne into my early 30s. It flares up every once in awhile but it’s no joke. Thanks for sharing your advice!

  24. Oh my gosh, I am sorry to hear you had to go through this. I totally understand the comments. But they don’t live in your shoes and probably haven’t experienced acne like you have. If people had more of an idea and understanding of what other people’s problems and issues they are secretly battling. Just saying we shouldn’t be so ignorant to not just our own battles and try and offer suggestions rather than point out the obvious.

  25. I didn’t know that acne was genetics. I’m in my late 20’s and still horrible acne skin, I’ve tried so many things that will work for me for a little while then it stops working. The one product that has worked is anything with benzoyl peroxide, they have helped me a lot.

  26. Goodness you have been through so much, I am so sorry for what you have endured. It is a mystery why we have the physical challenges we encounter… some are seen, some are unseen… and the pain and fear and agony and even just trying to figure out the right path, you can end up trying so many different things, but to have people carelessly speak an unsolicited opinion, or say an unkind thing, it boggles the mind. I am grateful you shared your story, it helps when battling my own issues.

  27. Nissa this post is so well written and I love how you use subheadings to break up the content! Excellent read! Keep up the great work! 😄😍

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