But wait! We moved from one crummy apartment to another crummy apartment! We moved into a two bedroom apartment on the east side of Baltimore City. The roaches packed their bags and joined us. We didn’t ask them to come. We still had one car but we lived within walking distance from where we worked. We were still on public assistance because our income was not enough to support a family of four. Our bank accounts were still on “E,” but we survived.


The kids are loud, running around, breaking shit, screaming and playing! Is this what parenting is about? I’m not sure if I’m feeling this lifestyle at such a young age. My favorite escape was eating barbecue wings from KFC while lying on the couch. I was an emotional eater. I wonder if that caused the significant weight gain and what began a downward spiral of depression.  I kept working, going home, and paying bills. Basically, I was “adulting” while everyone else my age was having fun.

Mold! What the F?!

After a year, we discovered that the apartment that we lived in, ate in, and slept in was covered in mold! YUCK! The apartment complex relocated us to an apartment around the corner. Again, the roaches joined us because they didn’t want to be left alone or risk their health. They had no insurance and Obama Care had not come to fruition.

Get Off the Couch

My coworker lost a significant amount of weight. I asked her, “How did you do it?” She told me that she changed her portion sizes and started exercising.  After contemplating, procrastinating, and being told that my blood pressure was high, I began the same plan.

My brother and I started walking a lot. I watched what I ate, drank a gallon of water a day and in eight or nine months, I had lost over 50 pounds. Then, I applied for a new job and I was hired!  I was making more money and I finally let go of public assistance. Finally a win!

We Were Evicted!

We lived on the second floor so the lady below us could hear my children above her head all hours of the night. After receiving one noise complaint notice, an eviction notice followed. Off we go again, involuntarily.

We moved to Baltimore County in a basement floor apartment. No roaches followed, but mice infested the place. It was horrible! They made nests in closets, they huddled in the kitchen sink, hid in drawers and everywhere else. Unbelievable! At least I was making more money and began saving money. I even started to invest a little money. But something had to give!

Beggars Can’t Be Choosy

We ended up in that shitty apartment with kids because we did not have an established savings account and we only had 30 days to vacate our previous apartment. Had we been more conscientious about saving, we may have had a choice on where we lived. When you have a family, life is no longer about you. Split decisions have to be made and unfortunately, they are not always best for everyone. Being prepared by having an emergency fund could have helped us find a better place to live. Do you have an emergency fund reader? If not, please start one!




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