Today is Sunday, April 8, 2018, and I just left the Natural Hair Expo which was held on the campus of UMBC this year. What a phenomenal event! There was a great line-up of vendors, several natural stylists who were willing to give advice without pushing products, product demonstrations, samples, and the food looked tasty too, although I didn’t eat anything. I’m still working on trying to revert my curls after having my hair straightened a month ago. I did purchase a couple of products, but I didn’t go overboard. In fact, my “no purchasing more hair products challenge” starts on Monday. It’s awesome when we can bring these events to Baltimore. Anyway, I just heard Cardi B’s new single, Be Careful. I’m feeling it so far. I heard that she announced her pregnancy. I hope that she is still able to drop those lyrics! I need some hype music to work out to.

Who Is in Your Starting Line-Up?

I don’t know about you, but I have a ride or die team. They keep me on point and they have no problem calling me on my BS. I am fortunate to have different friends in my life for different reasons. I have a team who keeps me in line when it comes to my finances, a team for fitness, a friend to talk to for relationship advice, and friends to just kick it with. Other than my team being good down to earth people, I also categorize them based on what their expertise is when it comes to dealing with a complicated person like me. For example, my friends who are in beast mode about finances don’t want to hear me rambling on about my work out routine and my meal plan. My friends who I discuss fitness with don’t want to hear me talking about money all damn day. My friend who’s good at giving relationship advice could care less about all of the above. My friends who I can kick it with just want to have stress free fun.  All of my friends hold me accountable in every area of my life.  Without them, I would just kick rocks all day.


My go-to people also serve as therapists and they don’t even know it, however; they will after they read this post. When I am feeling down, they have no problem stopping what they are doing and talking me off of a ledge. They remind me of the “why” in everything. They will call me out on my nonsense, but they are non-judgmental. Have you ever met a person who’s is genuinely nosy, really doesn’t want to help, they just want to be in your business? I have no one like that on my team. The bottom line is “ain’t nobody messin’ wit’ my clique”, as Kanye would say.

Wrap It Up

The bottom line is, I’ve had some really low times in my life. This group of people has been there through thick and thin. Some of them have only been in my life for a few years and have shown up time and time again during a crisis. Stop thinking that you have to do everything alone. You really don’t wear a cape. It’s great to have some people who are really in your corner. Who is in your starting line-up?



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  1. My starting line up definitely consists of my husband. My family lives in Mississippi and we are in Louisiana. If they were closer, they would also be apart of that lineup 🙂

  2. So true. I also have a different set of friends for accountability and you’re right, they serve as my therapists. LOL. I function better when I have someone to bounce of ideas with as I have so many. But I also realized I should write those ideas down too because I often lose them. Haha. It’s great to have friends who wouldn’t enable you but instead be objective about everything. Now I just need workout buddies but I kinda like working out by myself.

  3. I couldn’t agree more! I have a power line up of friends to help keep me on track with my fitness, and with reaching other goals too, and they are absolutely priceless! I try to be the same for each of them! Great post!

  4. That’s awesome that your tribe is so versatile for your needs! I totally understand about having certain close friends that double as therapists, I feel like I should be paying mine for listening to my complaints 😉

  5. A small but supportive group of people make a good team…of course, your family is first in starting up but some other people like who can give you good advice or criticise in a constructive way can be your part of a team as they will give you an honest opinion.

  6. Well said, it’s so important to have that team and to differentiate the value and importance each one brings. I’ve had people come into my own life who were judgemental, nosy and more interested in having something new to gossip about…and once I realized they just brought me down I cut them out, however, they helped me appreciate the genuine friendship I have in my life and why it’s important to cherish those relationships!

  7. Well, I’m a loner, no wonder I live so stressed 😛 I think the only support team I have are my family and fiance. But definitely to have a tribe is something we all need. Wish I could be more sociable :/

  8. I think team make everything possible and I’m quicker time :). I always look for a team work even if it’s consist of one person.

  9. Every one needs a ride or die team! So grateful for the friends in my life, they are always there during the highs or the lows and they never fail to keep me on point. I feel fortunate to have them in my life!

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